Cargo to Requester's Address

Cargo to our Warehouse to Requester's Address

Cargo to our Warehouse to Requester's Customer(s)

Pickup from the Cargo location and send to your address.


Once you have your tracking number from your cargo shipping company, please login on this website and input the details of your order. 

Even if your order is expected to arrive at a later date, you can also input the details. We will track for you till the package is in Nigeria and will proceed to fulfill to your location.

We will pick from your shipping cargo’s address/warehouse in Lagos, Anambra, Kano or Port Harcourt and have it delivered to your address anywhere you are in Nigeria in a maximum of 3 days after shipment.

We are here to make business easier and convenient for you.

Pickup from the Cargo location and store in our warehouse


If you have more than one package expected from different countries within few days, instead Instead of sending to you bit by bit or paying for demurrage in the shipping cargo’s warehouse because all your goods are yet to get to Nigeria, we can pickup one by one and store in our warehouse free for 1 week. 

When your other goods arrives Nigeria, we will pickup and have it all delivered to you at once in a maximum of 3 days after the last set of goods arrive Nigeria.

From experience, we have seen that this can reduce your fulfillment fee up to 40%.  

We are to to ensure you make profits.

Pickup from the Cargo location and send to your Customers


It will be expensive for your business if your next shipment from China Vietnam, Turkey, Cambodia etc. which has been paid for by your customers are sent to you wherever you are first before you then start sending to your customers one by one.

Instead, we can pickup, send the shipment to our warehouse, sort and  handle sending to your customers (one by one), hereby reducing your fulfillment cost up to 40%. 

We will ensure your package is sent to your customer using your business’s branded packaging materials (waybill nylon, flyers etc) almost foc.

No other company will do this for you.

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Please note that for now, we do not ship into the country but we only pickup from your shipping cargo.


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What is the essence of an Errand Service that is not Insured?

We have a valid GIT cover with one of the leading Insurance Providers in the Country. This ensures that your errands services is 100% insured.

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Progress Made

N 33 Million

fulfilled packages

We have fulfilled over N33 Million Naira worth of goods since we started operations.


orders fulfilled

We have fulfilled over 430 fully insured orders to clients all around Nigeria

1722 Kg

weight fulfilled

We have successfully fulfilled over 1,722Kg of goods since we kickstarted operations

Use our Cost Calculator to average how much it will cost you to have your Cargo fulfilled

How to import from any country to Nigeria in 6 Steps

Determine means of Procurement

Depending on the country, you should determine how you want to buy from the country. You can buy directly from websites in the country or use Procurement Agents

Confirm means of Payment

There are various payment methods for different countries, and as such, you need to confirm from your supplier if your preferred mode of payment is accepted

Determine Shipping Method

The weight of the cargo after it has been paid for will affect what shipping method will be economical. It could be by Air, Ship, or Road depending on the countries.

Determine Shipping Agent

Most Shipping Agents offer both Air and Ship Freight, however, you need to weigh your options especially because of cost, as Ship is slow but cheaper.

Engage a Cargo Fulfillment Firm

This is where we come in. Even if you are still expecting your cargo into the country, you can still request on deliverasap and we will track for you, to ensure we pickup once it gets to Nigeria.

Receive your package

Engaging the right companies to do the work removes stress from the process for you and makes it worry free, end to end. We are happy to partner with you on this journey.

What you need to calculate our fee

Weight of Cargo

The total weight of your cargo should be given to you by either your Shipping Agent or Cargo Company

Value of Cargo

The total value of the goods in the cargo shipment should be calculated. This is the value our Insurance Partner will pay you as Claims

Destination of Cargo

The location to deliver the goods and products will be a major factor in calculating the cargo fulfillment rate