Partner as an E-Commerce Merchant

Partner as a Service Provider

Are you a Merchant that sells goods/products on E-Commerce Sites and Marketplace? Or do you sell on your personal website?

Lets get your orders to your customers within 3 days guaranteed anywhere in Nigeria. Click the link below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you provide any type of service to any segment of the Nigerian Populace? It is time to get listed so that you can expand your network opportunities.

We are here to help you get more sales and customers. All you need is to click the link below to join our partnership network and earn more.

Partner as a Pickup Agent

Partner as a Logistics Company

Partner as a Warehouse Space

Join our team of agents all spread around the country ensuring fulfillment of various methods are possible in real time.

We would love to have you as Partner if you are a Logistics Company, driven by efficiency and operating in any part of the country

Do you have warehouses at any area of the country and would love to partner with us, please fill the form and we will be in touch

What are the benefits of joining our network?

  1. You will directly make more money by fulfilling orders with Deliverasap based on an agreed structure.
  2. This can serve as a marketing strategy for your original business as your association with Deliverasap will bring new people to your store which you can convert and retain as customers over time
  3. Perhaps you have always eyed venturing into import, export and e-commerce businesses, which better time do you have to learn on the job and expand your network and industry experience as you grow with us?
  1.  Make more money with almost no forms of sales or marketing since Deliverasap would be able to guarantee orders on a daily basis for your outfit
  2.  You could use our platform to scale up your operations across the length and breadth of the country as Deliverasap has a national coverage
  3.  Reduce overhead running your logistics business as we would be in charge of generating sales, tracking orders, payment processing and all associated activities. 
  4.  Your role would be just to transport and run deliveries which gives you the opportunity to focus on your assets – tools and personnel- guaranteeing optimum performance.
  1. Earn more money without any form of sales or marketing since Deliverasap would be filling your warehouse space, you may want to focus your Sales and Marketing Team to other responsibilities.
  2.  Easy billing, invoicing and tracking as you would be working with Deliverasap basically and as such, you are guaranteed headache free growth.
  3.  You would not need any form of overhead running your business as Deliverasap will serve as the Integrated Services Provider for you, managing all other merchants. You would be managing multiple clients but only through one client, Deliverasap