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Romantic Floral Soap

Creamy and soft on the skin, this soap is packed with essential oils that create a romantic, intoxicating and aphrodisiac scent.

Lilac Goat Milk Soap

Our Lilac bar smells just like a newly bloomed Lilac bush in the springtime. Clean and pure fragrance you get from the smell of Lilacs.

Coconut Milk Soap

Soak and relax in the soothing, creamy and lush ritual milk bath when you are in need of clarity, inspiration, renewal and healing.

Cinnamon Oatmeal Soap

This rich, creamy homemade soap contains 100% pure cinnamon essential oil, organic ground cinnamon, and organic whole grain oats!Face Care

Mint Soap

Mint contains the essential oil that is practically a must for beautiful glowy soft skin for both body and face.

Milk n’Honey Oat Soap

Goats Milk and Oat meal pair together to give you skin a hydrated look as Honey Works its magic and gives your skin a natural glow!

OrangePie Soap

If you could capture sunlight and happiness in a scent this just might be it. Light as a Spring morning with a full bouquet that will put a smile.

Lemongrass Soap

Treat yourself to most relaxing hour of your life! This sweet lemongrass experience s a must.

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