Cold-Process, All Natural

Organic Soap

Contains All-Natural Products

For Your
Sensitive Skin.

For all types of skin

Made With
Love And Care

100% Organic

Cold-Processed Natural Handmade Soap

Cold-process soap is a beautiful looking handmade soap that, when scented with essential oils and colored with botanical elements, makes for a project you can make at home that looks like it came from an artist’s gallery. Cold-process soap has no additives that are bad for the Earth.


Non-organic antibacterial soaps contain chemicals like triclosan, paraben, and other toxic petrochemicals that disrupt the hormones in humans.

Made With Love

Our soaps really are totally natural – we even refuse to use ‘nature-identical’ ingredients. We begin the process of natural soap making by learning about the ingredients.

100% Organic

It's all natural without any additional preservatives. This is a good thing because mostly preservatives are chemicals that harm our health.