From the simplest to the most complex Errands, we will run it for you

We have simplified our errand services into three categories so we can adequately serve you better than any other provider


Simplifying Errands for You

We have classified all types of errands you may want to send us into three sub groups and each has been defined to give the best of customer experience. Irrespective of the type of errands you request, we will deliver in a maximum of 3 days for the most of complex errands.

Buy and Sell Errands

You can instruct us to buy or sell anything for you, online or offline

Pickup & Deliver

We can pickup orders for you and have it delivered same day

Professional Services

Verified and trusted professionals available for work in your area


Activate your Affiliate Account

Signup & activate your affiliate account to earn extra funds for a year.
For every person you refer (using your affiliate link) that pays for any of our services, you will receive in your wallet, a 5% of what he or she pays for, and it will keep coming for a year so far the person keeps paying for our services.


What is the essence of an Errand Service that is not Insured?

We have a valid GIT cover with FBN Insurance Limited. This ensures that your errands services is 100% insured, but please always declare the value of your goods.

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Simple to Complex Errands in few clicks

We have a valid insurance cover with FBN Insurance Limited. This ensures that all our services are 100% insured; 247, round the clock.