About Us

We believe Mini Importers, Busy Professionals and E-Commerce Merchants should have peace of mind

throughout the lastmile fulfillment journey to them and their customers

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our vision is to be one of the top 3 lastmile fulfillment companies in Africa operating in more than 20 countries and with value of fulfilled orders above $1billion by year 2024
We seek to take the burden of logistics off busy professionals, MSME Mini Importers and e-commerce merchants, guaranteeing lastmile fulfillment in the fastest and customer obsessed process  

Leadership Team

Dayo Oyeniran

Co-Founder & CEO

Emmanuel Towoju

Co-Founder & VP, Technology

Yemi Adetoyinbo

Creative Director

Gbenga Aiyeremi


What our Customers are saying already

Even though the start was shaky, I am proud of your achievement so far. You are creating a formal industry already, unknowingly. Its time!!!
Your patience is out of this world and I appreciate that you go out of your way to ensure your customers gets value that they paid for. You are doing well!
Its amazing I had my fears the first time I wanted to use you; look at me now, I am stuck with your amazing service, consideration and support.
Your customer service is amazing. I now take your business as a friend's and trust me, I will my friends and even enemies to give yours a try. Thank you.
Blessing Ogbewe
Mini Importer