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We are here to make life & business easier for you!

From your shipper's warehouse, we are here to
your doorstep faster than anyone else will

For merchants that use their preferred freight forwarding/cargo shipping companies to ship their imports into Nigeria, we will pickup from their warehouses and deliver to you irrespective of your location in Nigeria as fast as next day. You can either pickup at one of our offices near you or we deliver to your house address, whichever you want. Our goal is to take the burden of lastmile delivery from cargo warehouse off you so you can focus on your business.

If you have an expanding market and you need bulk delivery,
Let us help you
bulk deliver
across the country

We also offer bulk delivery service for our customers to ensure they meet up with an awesome customer experience to their own customers. Why worry about sending bulk deliveries through bus park drivers when you have us ready to take the burden off you. Lagos bulk deliveries is N1,000 across all locations for our partners while other locations vary.

Check our shipping marketplace
where we connect importers & exporters with the
best air cargo & sea cargo deals
coming to your country

We provide a marketplace where african importers and exporters can view the different shipping deals (both air cargo and sea cargo) coming into their countries and they can make the best choice. There is clear visibility on the rate, time of delivery and all neccessary details for each deal. Once you make your choice and pay us in Naira, we will ensure your package is delivered to your house address in record time

We are committed to easing cross-border logistics for African Importers

All-in-one Logistics
for African Merchants

On the same platform, you can see different cargo companies and available shipping deals. Choose your preffered cargo shipping company based on the information available like shipping rate, time to get to Lagos. Pay with the local currency and have your goods delivered to your address in a maximum of 10 days.

Pricing for all
our services

We ensure our pricing style is transparent enough for you to understand the components. When you are paying for the shipping, you will pay us in Naira while we pay your Cargo Company. We will then pickup from the cargo company's warehouse and deliver to your address in real time.

fast bulk deliveries
to your customers

For local Merchants that sell in bulk to customers through website or other e-commerce platforms, we will ship your bulk deliveries to your customers in record time. Once you subscribe to one of our plans, you will have free insurance cover up to N100k for your goods.

Need access to funds to make international purchase?

We are available 24/7/365 to connect you with our import financing partner that will ensure your business grows. We are with you, all the way!

All orders placed on our platform is insured. However, please declare the monetary value of your packages when placing orders for claims payment.

Contact us on

08094253926 or support@deliverasap.ng