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Irrespective of your location in Nigeria, we promise to fulfill your cargo imports (goods) from your shipping agent cargo to your location enabled by technology in a maximum of 3 days. We also offer affordable warehousing facility for your goods so that different batches of imports can be fulfilled at same time at N20 per day per sq feet.


We have broken down all errand services (from the basic to the more complex) into three subgroups so that we are equipped with better information as to delivering your service within a max of 3 days. Wherever you are in Lagos (for now), we are available to run your errands delivering the best experience.


We are committed to enable our subscribed merchants and online retailers have a competitive advantage anywhere they sell online and offline by guaranteeing a 2days delivery anywhere in the country. We would handle all the process between receiving orders to placing it in the hands of the customers

Ultra-fast fulfillments for fast growing merchants

DeliverASAP lets you easily fulfil your marketplace and shopping cart orders. Delight your buyers with fast, reliable, predictable, and affordable order fulfillments.
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Deliver to any parts of the country at a little effort and expand you customer reach

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From Small Items to Xtra Large Items, We deliver all

  • Accessories
  • Mobile Phones
  • Computers
  • Wears
  • Groceries
  • and many more...



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Its time to automate cargo delivery to your house

We are here to handle all your errands, dont postpone

Ultra fast fulfillment for fast growing merchants

We will handle the lastmile delivery of your mini imports to your address wherever you are in the country. You do not have to worry about time, or even distance to your cargo shipping office  

From basic errands (like buy or sell) to the most complex errands (like painting your apartment or cleaning your old mum’s residence), we are available to have them done anytime

We let you easily fulfil your marketplace and shopping cart orders across sales channels. Delight your buyers with fast, reliable, predictable, and affordable order fulfillment.


  • Sell on our partner ecommerce marketplace and your customers will exclusively enjoy free delivery anywhere in Nigeria

We are insured by FBN Insurance Limited. However, to have your order 100% insured, you need to declare the actual value of your orders. Payment would be based on the declared value.

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