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African Merchants

to trade globally.

Cargo Cargo

3473 KG

Weight of completed orders

N98 Million

Value of completed orders


Number of completed orders

72 hours

Average Delivery Time

We are here to make life & business easier for you!

From your shipper's warehouse, we are here to
your doorstep faster than anyone else will

Irrespective of your location in Nigeria, we promise to deliver your cargo goods from your shipping agent’s location to your doorstep in a maximum of 3 days. We also offer affordable on-demand warehousing facility for your goods so that you can consolidate different batches of imports and ship to you once, thereby saving you up to 50% waybill fees

Sell on your website, locally or on any marketplace, we are here to
bulk deliver
your customers 247

Do you bulk sell locally, on your websites, or any e-commerce platforms e.g. whatsapp store, facebook store, etc? We are here to bulk deliver orders to your customers 247 anywhere in Nigeria faster than any company else would do. Once you sign up, a Key Account Manager will be appointed to you and you can kickstart to bulk deliver to your customers immediately.

Don’t worry about
paying your Suppliers abroad or exporting your goods,
we handle all

For our Importer Customers, we offer to pay your Suppliers abroad in USD/RMB while you pay us the Naira equivalent using official parallel market rate. We also provide importing and exporting of goods for our customers by connecting with affiliated shippers while we ensure quality control and assurance.

We are committed to easing global trade via lastmile delivery for Merchants

options to choose
for Merchants

For an Importer, we pickup your imported goods from the shipper's warehouse and deliver to you and for an Exporter, we pickup from your location to associated exporters. We offer warehousing for your goods and paying your Suppliers. Place your order on our website or on our Mobile App.

Pricing for all
our services

We will ensure the pricing for each of our products is transprant enough for you to understand the components. When you are paying your Suppliers (USD or RMB), you will pay us in Naira while we pay your Suppliers either in USD or RMB same day. Import through us and pay Naira also.

fast bulk deliveries
to your customers

For local Merchants that sell in bulk to customers through website or other e-commerce platforms, we will ship your bulk deliveries to your customers in record time. Once you subscribe to one of our plans, you will have free insurance cover up to N100k for your goods.

We are committed to you, 247

We are available 24/7/365 to help you solve any issue you may be having at any time as we have tools and systems to ensure we are with you, all the way!

All orders placed on our platform is insured. However, please declare the monetary value of your packages when placing orders for claims payment.

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