Up to 3 days lastmile fulfilment for mini importers across Nigeria

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Irrespective of your location in Nigeria, we promise to fulfill your cargo imports (goods) from your shipping agent's location to your house address enabled by technology in a maximum of 3 days. We also offer affordable warehousing facility for your goods so that different batches of imports can be fulfilled at same time thereby saving you up to 60% delivery fees.

Different Options

Deliver to any parts of the country with little effort and expand your customer reach

Transparent Pricing

We offer a transparent pricing schedule which guarantees max profit for your biz

Customer Support

We are available 24/7/365 to help you solve any issues you may be having at any time.

Relax, No Stress

We are committed to seeing you relax before, during and after ordering. You have nothing to worry about.

From Small Items to Xtra Large Items, We deliver all

  • Accessories
  • Mobile Phones
  • Computers
  • Wears
  • Groceries
  • and many more...



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Avrg Delivery Time

It is time to automate cargo package delivery to your house address or customers’ without fear of driver’s lateness, extra pickup payment, and non-insured packages.

We will handle the lastmile delivery of your mini imports to your specified address wherever you are in the country. You do not have to worry about lateness or paying extra or losses.

Our guarantee is to deliver within a maximum of 3 days, shipment in Nigeria. You can also request to pickup at any terminal close to you or your customers.

All orders placed on our platform is insured by FBN Insurance Limited. However, please declare the monetary value of your packages when placing orders for claims payment.

10 reasons why we are better

1. All orders are insured so long as you declare the value of your goods.
2. You can track your orders in real time and be updated with their status.
3. You do not need to pay any extra fee when picking up at our terminals.
4. We deliver same day in Lagos and a maximum of 3 days outside Lagos.
5. We guarantee you peace of mind so you do not need to worry until you receive.
6. We deliver nationwide, anywhere you are in Nigeria.
7. We deliver straight to your customers from the cargo or our warehouse.
8. You can store your package in our warehouse, wait for other packages and ship at once instead of sending bit by bit.
9. Even if your package hasn't arrived in Nigeria, you can still place your order with us, and we will track the package to its destination.
10. We are interested in you making more profits so refer people to use our services and we will pay you for a year. Yes, a year!

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